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Mobility Like most networks it alowls users to connect even without their own computers, meaning you can do your work from anywhere. Check Nick Carr's video on Cloud: Creating Value Despite Commoditization


There's gonna be thousands of data cetnres across the nation and world that hold several backups of whatever you have. All with high level physical security, innovative and inventive software security, and a ton of stuff that will keep your family photos safer than they are on your hard drive at home. All of this so that you can run your games faster, do things smarter, and hold onto more of your life. This has been coming for a long time, and it's what the user asked for.


Cloud computing, the bussneis and IT architecture paradigm, will remain to be called cloud computing I assume. Same as service oriented architecture (SOA), client/server and other paradime shifts in the past. I agree that "On Demand" does not cut the mustard when it comes to cloud; As I see it cloud is an integrated whole of on automated provisioning, elasticity (aka dynamic resourcing), self service, pay for use and on demand.

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Please please answer my doubt ....

I am not taliking about web services right not now please see later in the section ..

What i understand ... from implementation point of view SOA is not a new concept ... it existed from the very beginning of programming ...
It always depended upon the pogrammer how the person implments the logic ..
as an example .. say
In X organization one has two DB's one in DB2 , the Other in Oracle. Both having customer Entity but in different structure .. Now the challenge is being a senior developer one need not to bring complexity for database acess to junir developer . The development environment is C, pro C,unix and 2 DB system .

What one do
1. Create a common data model
2. create metadata mapping of common logical data model to actual physical model in DB2 , Oracle .
3. store the metadata mapping and db conn parameter in a simple text file
4. create a Proc Wrapper program using to read that file for database access .
5. the junor programmers do not know nothing about DB implementation so from another C program they call the routines in my program and .. Job done ..

This is going on from the very beginning of software programming .. What is new in SOA ????

Web services : yes i understand their utility for B2B or communication between incompatible platforms... but it is the underlying protocol that is important .. it is not a design thing .. it is just an utility just like FTP etc ...before advent of FTP one has to copy data manually in disk and then again put that into other computer ..

similarly web service is a service which is using a secure protocol to transfer data ...

I do not understand why so much HYPE about these two ??

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