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Thanks. As Greg aldlues to, I don't usually let things like this (aka Analyst Speak) bother me, but this one just goes too far.


Greg, I don't think I'm being pnedatic at all (not so sure about passionate either). I understand why we may want to indicate the transition from one implementation approach to another, but calling it SOA 2.0 isn't the right way to go (to be honest, I'm not so sure about the Web 2.0 tag either). I thought I'd made that clear in my post. SOA is an *architectural* approach. Web Services is an *implementation* style. We shouldn't confuse the target audience by bundling things together like this.As an industry, if we believe this "new era" needs a name, let's give it something unique. The Cretaceous Period wasn't named Jurassic 2.0 for a very good reason!I still wonder whether SOA 2.0 would have been so named if there wasn't so much activity around Web 2.0!

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