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Hi Chris,Great discussion. I also eneoyjd your previous comments on Design Thinking. In relation to keeping process-related documentation simple, intuitive and easy to use and find, I have previously used ARIS for modelling and analysis and publishing content but EPCs are a bit technical at times for the end user. I really like the idea of a portal, tailored to the process area where someone works showing the processes they execute. Do you suggest any software or approach? Would you still use an ARIS or similar to do the modelling & analysis but deploy through a more intuitive, visual portal (eg. company web site). The advantage of an ARIS or similar is the ability to analyse relationships such as which roles use what systems and what systems are impacted when a certain process is identified for improvement. Also the ability to define process measures and report on performance.

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A lot of thanks to Peter Fingar!


Really interesting post. I have read that book and it was really good. Gives you information and tips.

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It is really great to explore with the innovative approaches of doing things. It may sound absurd to just dive into thinking that things wont go well but at least there's a worth with trying.


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I love your blog! You will be in our prayers and thoughts! Nice and informative post on this topic thanks for sharing with us. Thank you!

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What Richard has said to this issue is surely a big yes!

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I agree on what Dr. Richard has said on this article.


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Dot.cloud is incredible combination of useful information and great tips. I should admit that the book really make me rethink so many thing


Interesting post Dr. Richard.

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