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In case anyone is woninrdeg, to delete a GitHub repo, visit the repo in your browser (as the owner), hit the 'Admin' link near the top, and a big ol' "Delete" button will be available at the bottom of the next page.


What a pleasure to find someone who ideintfeis the issues so clearly


Mark, I am glad that you were able to share your experiences here. It will be vulaable.I have spoken at DHS/DOD sponsored forums in Oct08 and Mar09 on "Assurance with Open Source".https://buildsecurityin.us-cert.gov/swa/forums.htmlCommon Criteria is a minimum requirement to get past the door but not the only criteria. You can say, "it is required but NOT sufficient". :)Security is one of the most important criteria for any government agency as far as software goes. But it certainly is very welcome that OSS is being embraced.I can tell you more offline.

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