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Hi, I'd like some information redgnairg setting up a service for patient data entry'. I'm curious if i can run an independent business to service doctors who have yet to digitize their files in the Vancouver area. Sole purpose would be to enter all medical data per their clients.If anyone can direct me to where i can go for all information and education redgnairg this type of service that would be great thank you!


As a long time agent of change in the Healthcare space, I have seen the under uttzilaiion of technology. It is not bleeding edge' technology that causes me concern but the more mature ones that have been poorly driven and implemented. Much of this can be attributed to the Change Management plan. We fail to fully vet pilot sites, we jam data and processing into the pipe without taking avantage of future implementations, we include the directly affected stakeholders long after implementation starts and we don't analyze the impact on systems and layered products needed for success. The resourcing and uttzilaiion of analysts, technical tactitions and workflow specialtists is arduous and expensive (and often considered unnecessary). However, the reengineering of applications and lost hours due to disruption at the user end needs to be added to the cost algorithm. After all even a medium sized system implementation failure creates grief for anyone else trying to affect change in the same user environment.

National Dialogue

FYI there's an important discussion going on about these issues that ends

It's called the National Dialogue on Health IT & Privacy. On the site, you
can contribute ideas, and read and rate others' ideas. Watch in real time as
the best ideas "rise to the top."

** The results of this online dialogue are being compiled into a report to
the Federal CIO Council, Office of Management and Budget, and the incoming
Administration by the National Academy of Public Administrators. **

Please come join us! Make sure your voice gets heard, and included in the
report, which will help shape America's Health IT policy.

Maggie, The National Dialogue

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