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Mario Biedermann

I presented at the opengroup conf. in Glasgow: SOA, BPM and EA- the mystic triangle?
short resume of this presentation to your questions

1. yes. as formal as you can. Deliver formal described products and BPD's as new UML 3.0 view. We call this "Tensor" and this is in fact the Model driven Company (MDC), no separate domains (business, architecture etc.)
2.Go on customer front, operate as business analyst, EA,strategy consultant and some more. means 10 years hard work ongoing. Then you get customer reference marketing, that means, you are accepted through your role at customer projects, not by certification of...The C's have very well organised information networks. The problem is to find the accepted entry point.
3. this work drives the business of any company. That means product development and according BPD's, new transfered into non competitive, social and trusted value net's(driven by persons and there responsibilities, engagements, goals etc). May be also as nonprofit organisations (see EPO.org) and some more. Reporting is not the question, progressive drivers and idea heads are searched, to develope new business models (the income side needs numbers, not reports about the W's?).
Not shure that this is an evolutionary process, may be also some revolutions are necessary. See it as open information value network and this is some times more then open source.

presentation slides are on the opengroup / events website.
or send me mail.

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